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A teacher and students set out to learn about a local historical fort, and wound up discovering a missing piece of local history.

Adam Sakel and about 30 students from the Niedermeier Center for Education in Newport, Michigan set out to discover the missing piece of Fort Meigs, a fort that existed for about ten months during the War of 1812.

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Fort Meigs only existed for about eight months during the War of 1812. The ten acres of battlements were torn down shortly after the war ended, and a smaller one acre fort took its place. When a more modern fort was built, the second fort was lost.

Sakel and the students set out to find the location of the second fort within the first one.

“We’re looking to start a conversation with students on how do you want to be remembered, how do you want events remembered, should they always be remembered in the same way, does the story change, and that’s why we’re here looking at this,” Mr. Sakel said.

“We knew roughly where it was, but at no point did we have time to make the concerted effort to get maps out,” he said. “It was just playing around with stuff and I thought this might be an interesting project for my students.”

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