In a special class, high school students are finding out about cyber careers. At Wossman high School, students in the Cyber Literacy classes offered by Monroe City Schools learn real world problem solving, complete with consequences for errors.

The classes were created in collaboration with CenturyLink and the Cyber Innovation Center. They are part of an overall job readiness program, preparing students for careers in the tech sector.

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CenturyLink and the Cyber Innovation Center maintain close contact with the schools to ensure that they have the most updated STEM curriculum information. They also remain in regular contact with the three high schools in the area to ensure that they have all that they need to implement the curriculum.  In addition, the company assists with teacher training, and provides volunteers who work with students.

According to Serena White, curriculum supervisor for Monroe City Schools, the program will offer Jump Start options and a college track.  By year’s end, she will decide with the Cyber Innovation Center if students will work toward certifications such as A+ or Microsoft certification.  These certifications enable students to be immediately employed after graduation.

College bound students might pursue degrees in engineering, mathematics, or computer science.  She feels it is important that the community knows that the district is planning opportunities for both groups of students to pursue cyber careers. .

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