In South Carolina, there is increased interest in how schools are preparing the future workforce.

There is an influx of industry coming to the state, so industry has a vested interest in making sure that a prepared work force is available.

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“Now is the time for career and technical education,” said Tana Lee, Berkeley County director of Career and Technical Education. “Building a pipeline of prepared workers is key in our state. Our job is to have seamless pathways for our children and to work with industry to ensure that the pathways that we provide will build the future workforce.”

Currently, many high schools in South Carolina offer Career and Technical Education programs, and tailor their offerings to local careers and employers.

“It’s a much more comprehensive approach and aligned to workforce needs and seeking to address all students,” said state Department of Education spokesman Ryan Brown. “I think that’s the biggest change we’ve seen from what people would consider a traditional vocational school.”

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