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Inside a 21st century classroom, students don’t find heavy desks and chalkboards.  Instead,t they find comfortable chairs, desks that can be maneuvered, huge monitors, and whiteboards.

10 Steps to Empowering Classroom Management

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Oskaloosa High School Principal Stacy Bandy laughed while business teacher Jaci White demonstrated using a large touch screen monitor. “We only give it to the young kids to play with because us older folks just don’t know how to work them,” Bandy joked,

White says that the technology and ability to maneuver the furniture gets students excited and engaged.

“It makes it a lot easier when we can put the tables and chairs together and move them,” White said. “I can tell the kids [to] get in groups of four and it’ll take them 30 seconds to put their tables together and then they’re there to work and collaborate. So it just makes that a lot easier.”

The 21st century classroom also makes collaboration easier for students when they need to work together to solve problems.

“We’ve talked about what good collaboration looks like in the real world and what they need to be doing. But it’s also what’s been really cool to see is how excited the kids are about it, just for something different and something new and exciting,” White said. “I have kids that come up like ‘I’ve been wanting to come to class all day because I want to sit in these chairs’. If that’s what it takes to get them excited about learning, great.”

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10 Steps to Empowering Classroom Management

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