Kids are developing online marketing for Baton Rouge, and the campaign is kid focused and kid friendly.

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At Southeast Middle School, a “Kids Love Baton Rouge” website has been set up, and students used it to present their project displays that have been developed over the past nine weeks at a showcase. The homepage declares that the mission of the student creators is  “To convince the rest of the world that Baton Rouge is a great place to live, with a rich and unique culture. Explore their site and see Baton Rouge from a new perspective.”

What do kids want other kids to know about Louisiana’s capital city? They want other kids to know where the fun is!  And there is a page labeled “Fun” featuring laser tag, an arcade, a haunted house, a water park, and a bowling alley, all with brief write ups.

The website was unveiled at a special “project night” held at the school, with approximately 150 students showing the work they did on the website, from design to writing reviews of featured places.  Leadership in completing the website came from students in the magnet program at Southeast Middle School, known as DATA, which stands for Digital Arts & Technology Academy.

John Heyman is coordinator of the magnet program.  He wanted the website to look professional as opposed to a school project. The project began when he and other teachers discussed several events including flooding that have had an impact on the pride residents have in their city. Students started with a scavenger hunt, finding places and businesses which could be featured on the website.

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