Kids are learning about the weather with WeatherSTEM, a system that offers cutting edge meteorology exploration. At Ranson Elementary School in West Virginia, students are using the system which was donated by American Public University System.

The web-based WeatherSTEM platform is part of Ucompass, a software and services company based in Tallahassee, Florida.  Ucompass supports over 3 million students in over 200 educational institutions, including APUS. WeatherSTEM combines data from agricultural probes, weather instruments, web cameras and other sensors.  It is part of APUS’s commitment to feature “Big Data” and programming in an immersive STEM education experience.

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WeatherSTEM is also installed at Jefferson High School and Blue Ridge Elementary. The stations measure weather conditions in detail each minute, including UV and solar radiation, temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction, and rain rate and rainfall.

“We feel very confident the program will resonate with students and teachers by adding an exciting new dimension to the county’s stellar STEM education efforts,” said Ed Mansouri, president and founder of WeatherSTEM. “We have now introduced the program along with our large volume of weather curriculum to three public schools in Jefferson County, with our most recent implementation being Ranson Elementary School.”

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