Educators and lawmakers are considering making computer science a graduation requirement in the state of Wyoming.

Adding computer science to the education program is a discussion taking place amid talk of budget cuts and a more through examination of Wyoming schools.  There are several ways the concept could take form.  It could be added to broad content areas for K-12 schools.  It could be a graduation requirement, substituting for math, science, or foreign language credit, or it could become part of career and technical education

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“I think we are early in the process really as a state,” said Wyoming School Boards Association executive director Brian Farmer. “I think there’s going to be lots of good conversation about that in the coming months and the coming years.”

There is broad support for the proposal to make computer science a graduation requirement. The tech industry has sent representatives to testify to lawmakers that Wyoming students risk being left behind, and not qualify for job opportunities in the state. “Tech is the new oil,” said House Speaker Steve Harshman.

“It’s frightening how behind the ball we are on computer science,” said Rep. Pat Sweeney, who regularly attends the meetings.

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