At Gates Mills Elementary School, students are playing music on the wall.

The walls are not actually walls, as they are only about a few feet square. They contain items such as trash cans, frying pans, spatulas, pipes, and plastic baskets. While these items are not musical instruments, the effort to make music with them benefits the kindergartners through fifth graders who use them.

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Fifth graders collaborated in making the four music walls. However, the walls were actually built by students from eight high schools learning technology as part of the Excel TECC program at the Mayfield High School Innovation Center.

Excel TECC CAD (Computer Aided Design) engineering technology teacher Craig Schmidt talked about the process that led to building the walls.

“It started out with us talking about making a 3D printing of a violin that students could use,” Schmidt said, “and it grew into us making these music walls.

“This is taking a STEM project and making it a STEAM project.”

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