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The annual Science Education Enrichment Day at USC Aiken gave children a chance to have hands-on experiences with science.

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Both parents and children were able to learn about chemistry, engineering, biology, and more at the family friendly event which was full of activities and interactive demonstrations.

According to Frank Jackson, a father who attended the event with his daughters said exposing children to science while young is important.

“Especially young girls, you want to encourage them,” said Jackson. “With three daughters, of course you want to encourage them that science is not beyond the scope, with it being a traditionally male dominated field. It’s good to have them … see science.”

“The goal of this event is to infuse the love of science, technology, engineering and mathematics,” said event coordinator John Hutchins. He is the director of special programs at the Ruth Patrick Center. “And make sure that we keep the community aware of those career fields and keep the kids excited about those career fields.Getting that initial spark that maybe they’ll continue loving animals or continue learning engineering,” said Hutchins. “Any of the things they have seen today.”

The event also included building exercises, including a competition where teams built towers using straws to make the structure stand freely with a tennis ball on top.  The team with the tallest tower that stays standing for a certain amount of time wins.

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