Algebra Nation videos are popular ways to learn. In Florence, South Carolina, students took advantage of a surprise visit by the series’ online tutors, called “study experts” to show their appreciation and enthusiasm.

“I feel like a celebrity came to our school,” said Southside eighth grade student Sarah Danner.

The study experts provided autographs and enjoyed being treated like television stars. Students asked them questions about how they got their jobs, and how the videos are filmed.

“Algebra is not one of my favorite things in the world, but it’s still really cool because they make it understandable and enjoyable at the same time,”  Danner said.

Personalized Learning

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One of the strengths of the series is that each study expert personalizes the video with their style. Some are quick, some are slow and methodical.  Some use humor.  Each student can find a teaching method that fits their needs and is a more personalized learning approach.

“They each have their personal preference for choosing one of the five experts to help them through,” said math instructor Scott Carter.

In addition to the lectures, Algebra nation provides homework help.  One of the advantages is that students have easy access to the videos anywhere.

“If you get stuck, they’ll help you,” said Southside eighth grader Nasirah Wilson-Bueno.

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