Crafting furniture from a Giving Tree is helping students raise money to help each other.  The tree, a  walnut which was a fixture at Snohomish High School for over 70 years, was felled due to disease – but a group of female students saw the potential to bring new life to the old tree, and keep some of it still present at the school for another 70 years.

Like the tree in the well known story “The Giving Tree” the old walnut is still a part of the school long after it’s life as a tree is over.

Half a dozen young women gathered round a workspace, where they are building two tables from the salvaged wood. They are auctioning the tables at the Snohomish Education Foundation’s annual fundraiser.  Last year the foundation raised $204,000 for scholarships, and classroom grants.

How To build Parent-Teacher Partnerships

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Matt Johnson is the teacher leading the project.  “We weren’t quite sure what would come of it,” he said.

Senior Natalie Ream hopes to study renewable energy, and likes the practicality of the project. “A tree that has to come down, use it for something good,” Ream said. “If you can get everything out of it that you can, why not?”

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