Major companies are growing their business in a booming redevelopment, and the surrounding school district is discovering that creative teaching builds lasting results.

Whitehall Yearling High School has just opened a student store which was conceived and is staffed by 11th and 12th graders.  The teens did everything from picking the name “The Hall” along with the credit card system, school sweatshirts and snacks to be sold, the decor, and the security cameras. The store operates in shifts which mostly occur during lunch periods.

The store came about as a result of the Entrepreneurship class.  The class is part of a career pathway which earns students high school and college credit in classes in business and marketing.  The highly unusual teacher is Lisa Schwieterman, who has over seven years of experience at Abercrombie & Fitch.

Mystery Writing Course for Kids Enhances Critical Thinking

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“She’s a very unorthodox teacher,” said 17-year-old Brianna McKinney. “She lets us work through our trials and tribulations. … We had beautiful ideas, we just had to make them realistic.”

Whitehall Yearling is changing right along with the city of Whitehall, Ohio.  Each school has been rebuilt within the past five years. Nevertheless, the school district has had to be creative with space, as the schools have experienced a 20 percent jump in enrollment.

To deal with crowding in lower grades, preschool through first grade occupy one entire building, which has resulted in a campus dedicated to early literacy. College students from Capital University give the children individualized help in reading.

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