An education foundation aims to boost student reading by buying more tablet computers and supporting personalized learning.

The nonprofit that raises funds for the Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools has announced new goals, including supporting programs that better address individual student needs and encourage personalized learning. They will also purchase Chromebooks in cooperation with the school district’s plans for adding them to classrooms.

The ECPPS Education Foundation is also focused on college and career readiness. The foundation intends to expand the Advancement Via Individual Determination program which helps students plan post secondary education and promotes organizational skills and good learning habits.

Personalized Learning

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Early literacy is another goal of the foundation, which will provide books that are of high interest to students as well as fund literacy intervention programs.

Finally, the foundation is participating in large project fundraising, identifying large goals for the district and finding donors who can help those goals be realized.

According to ECPPS Education Foundation President Tony Flach the foundation is focusing on  “what do we want this foundation to be as we move well into our next quarter century,” and moving toward refined goals.  Personalized learning will be enabled through initiatives that benefit students, and also bring the technology to the classroom to allow students to proceed at their own pace.

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