An Ohio college attracted people of all ages by exciting students about STEM subjects with a Star Wars event

At Stark State College, the idea behind the event was to show the community “what we are passionate about” and generate excitement, according to the chairperson for the department of physics and chemistry Claudia Barr.

The event opened literally with a flash. The mixture of liquid nitrogen, sulfur hexaflouride and helium started the event off with a dazzling display, and students then were divided into groups that suited their interests.

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The students were able to participate in interactive hands on experiments as Stark State students and staff showed them about the activities they chose.  Activities included robotics, Newtonian substances, math puzzles, and virtual reality. The event was attended by over 165 students who brought 200 guests of all ages along with them.

“Our hope is that they will be excited about the STEM fields,” Barr said. “We are showing them some of the cool things we can do and talk a bit about careers in the fields but, for the most part, keep them excited and passionate about STEM.”

Some of the students came in costumes from Star Wars. While the target age was junior high, students of all ages were involved.

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