A new program at the Fayette Institute of Technology in Oak Hill, West Virginia called Explore the New Manufacturing Academy is aiming to provide middle school students with a feel for what technical school can offer them.

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The final installment of the West Virginia Manufacturers Association Educational Fund statewide education campaign emphasizes to students how having a plan and using career simulators can help.

“I’m really here talking to these students about career exploration and showing them how to use career simulators,” said Frank Tetrick, Department of Education coordinator. “This gives them the idea of different selections of job opportunities throughout the state, and know what this specific technical school offers.”

Tetrick emphasized that having a plan and knowing how to follow a path to achieve your goals is important.

“When it comes to events like this, they’ll be able to discover jobs, the needs for those jobs and what those jobs pay,” he said. “And we also show them how to do a budget, and stick to that budget depending on where they choose to live throughout the state. It’s all about showing them how to set realistic goals for themselves and what they need to do in life to get there.”

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More about this course at HowtoLearn.Teachable.com