By providing free breakfast for all students and teachers every day, a high school is encouraging more students to eat and enjoy a healthy breakfast.

At Grand Island Senior High School, more students are enjoying breakfast at school since the breakfast program was converted to a “free for all” program that allows all students to eat a free breakfast, regardless of whether they are able to pay or not.

According to Kris Spellman, the director of nutrition for Grand Island Public Schools, approximately 200 students had been served breakfast under the usual rules.  However, when the breakfast program was made free, the number doubled to around 400 students.  They do not have to be part of the federal school nutrition program to participate.

In addition, teachers and staff are eating breakfast from mobile carts so they can encourage students to eat breakfast. With the addition of four mobile Grab N Go Carts, the number of students eating breakfast has again doubled to between 800 and 900.

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The mobile carts are key to encouraging students to participate.  Students are able to grab breakfast near their first period class. They socialize more, and are able to eat breakfast within the first ten minutes of their class.

The Breakfast in the Classroom Program was partially funded by a grant from Partners for Breakfast in the Classroom and the Walmart Foundation.  The $110,000 grant which was used to buy the carts, mobile refrigeration units, and a larger walk-in freezer. Partners for Breakfast include The NEA Foundation, The School Nutrition Foundation, The National Association of Elementary School Principals or NAESP, and the Food Research & Action Center or FRAC.

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