High school students are getting creative with a 3D printer, watching their designs take shape before their eyes.

At Lakeview High School in Columbus Ohio, Aaron Chin saw his design take shape, layer after layer, forming inside a 3D printer.  Chin was using the printer in a science research class. Teacher Joe Haschke has guided him to design and create nearly 20 items, including an earbud holder, a cellphone stand, and logos for Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas. He began by making a key to tune drums.

“It’s really fun. You can learn a lot about designing stuff and learning programming. When I first used this it was foreign to me. The first drum key I made took a week to make. Now I could probably do one in less than a day,” Chin said.

More about this course at HowtoLearn.Teachable.com

The $3,500 cost of the 3D printer and a year’s supply of filament was paid for using contributions through the Bank of the Valley School Pride Card Program.

“We knew we wanted to use the money on something innovative that would enhance our already exceptional curriculum. The 3D printer made perfect sense because we could use it in our K-12 STEM curriculum and it could be used by our robotics program, which has qualified for international competition,” said Lakeview Community Schools Superintendent Aaron Plas.

Future uses include the robotics team making plastic parts for their robot creations, such as spacers and gears. The physics and science research classes also use it to supplement curriculum.  Most items that are made are small, approximately 4 inches maximum height, width, and length.

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