One of the more innovative lessons in middle school featured girls learning about energy efficiency with a bike generator. They pedaled to transform mechanical energy into electricity. through a generator on a bicycle.

At Lima North Middle School, students learned that energy exists in many forms all around them, and can be generated in different ways.

“We had the privilege of providing an energy bike for Lima City Schools. This past June four middle school girls from Lima participated in a workshop with the Ohio Energy Project. They learned the nuts and bolts of wiring. They started with stripping wire and reading wiring schematics. They wired the entire control board. They learned about energy efficiency and they came back to Lima schools to share that information,” said Nancy Glasgow, energy education manager for Energy Optimizers USA.

Maximum power reading

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Students who were behind the project gave a presentation once the energy bike was set up in the library, to show how much energy is required to turn on different light bulbs with the bike generator.

Glasgow commented on the message that students learn from the activity. “Primarily energy efficiency. Why do we want to make that transition from incandescent to CFLs to LEDs? It’s a very graphic way for the students and the teachers to learn that just to get on the bike and to see how much of their mechanical energy it takes to light up the light bulbs and to keep them lit,” she said.

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