Why are teachers helping parents understand math?  Because they want parents to understand the new math curriculum that students are learning, and encourage parents to be involved in their child’s education.

At Prarie du Sac Bridges Elementary School, Math Night is held once a year, providing an opportunity for parents to be involved in their child’s school experience, says Bridges Elementary School Principal Chanda Kulow.

“We purposefully connect parents to learning that is happening in the classroom and reinforce the role that parents have as active participants in the education of their children,” Kulow said. “Our math committee also shares ideas that parents can have fun with math at home, while building a strong mathematical foundation.”

The event is a chance for families to find ways to connect to their children in simple ways, reinforcing math concepts at home.

How To build Parent-Teacher Partnerships

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Bridges has held math and literacy events for families for the past three years.

For the past three years, Bridges has been holding math and literacy events for families.

“We wanted to continue to build strong, family-school partnerships by engaging parents as partners around student learning,” Kulow said. “Research clearly indicates parent involvement in their child’s education has a significant impact on academic success. When parents take an active role both in and out of the classroom, learning increases and academic scores rise.”

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