Districts are paying close attention to how schools can make tech education a priority.  According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, coding is just as important as a second language and should be required in school.

Eighth graders at Paducah Middle School in Kentucky are learning the coding language that builds apps and websites.

“We’re learning about how, basically, apps are made and how much work goes into them,” said student Natalie Besaw. “We had to fix apps that were already made,” said Frannie Hideg.. “We had to make our own app. Now we’re working on Python, and we have to completely code it ourselves.” Most students enrolled in the class are girls.

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For 40 minutes a day, teacher Todd Rushing gets to teach students another language.  “That’s what I’m teaching these kids: how to do the material to make those websites and make those games,” said Rushing. “Now, with the society and world that we live in being so technologically advanced, these kids have to know this stuff.”

Other schools in the Paducah area are making coding a priority, and going further.  Paducah Tilghman High School works with Computer Services Inc to help older students get internships that can lead to job offers.

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