Usually, improving literacy with iPads is not high on the list of educators for teaching children.  However, a pilot program with iPads for elementary school students is resulting in improved response of students to reading activities.

In Maine, kindergarten through third grade students at Ellsworth Elementary are part of Momentum, a project of the Maine Department of Education which aims to improve literacy using iPads.

A visit by Maine Education Commissioner Robert G. Hasson Jr. to observe first graders using tablets went well.  “The visit was great,” Hasson said. “I was impressed with the students’ use of technology in the classroom and their response to the improved instruction.”

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According to Ellsworth Curriculum Coordinator Rachel Kohrman Ramos, students are more engaged overall in the classroom since they started using the iPads.  Each computer is matched with personal identification of students to provide individualized help.  The devices can be programmed to focus on the areas of literacy that the student needs to practice.

“It helps them with the gaps they have with their learning,” said Kohrman Ramos. “The students are working at their level with the instruction they need.”

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