Some middle school students had the unusual opportunity of learning math and science from a Chinook helicopter at school.

At Eagle Valley Middle School in Carson City, Nevada, students experienced some real hands on learning as they saw how math and science works with military careers.

A CH-47 Chinook helicopter flown by the Nevada National Guard landed on the front lawn of the school, witnessed by hundreds of students.  The coptor was an exciting way to show students how Guard members do their jobs with science and math.

“Our job is all about community support and one of the main reasons we are here today is for the STEM program,” said Guardsman Steve Nielsen. “Eagle Valley has one of the best STEM programs in the state so we want to encourage that for the students and provide them with the opportunity to see all of that in motion.”

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“It is nice of them to come,” said student Kiara Luhrs. “It’s cool to see because my uncle does sort of the same thing and he’s deployed so it is cool to see what he does.”

Students were enthusiastic as they ran to be first in line to tour the helicopter and speak with the pilots.  Every student had a chance to enter the helicopter and see what it looks like inside. Originally the visit was supposed to take place on Veteran’s Day, but was postponed due to weather.

“When we first canceled (last week) there were a lot of frustrations, they were really bummed,” said Vice Principal Sue Moulden. “So when we told them today it was coming they were excited and ready to be on the field to see it so when it came in they were just like oh my gosh.”

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