Second graders and their families recently discovered that Math Night is Fun Night, when their school hosted an evening of math games shared with their parents.

At Glover School in Marblehead, Massachusetts, kids showed parents the way to solve a problem or play a game at the school’s Second Annual Family Math Night.

“A huge goal in the second grade is to master addition and subtraction and it’s much more fun to do it with games rather than worksheets,” said second grade teacher Emily Perez.She was also the event organizer.

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Over a dozen tables featured a different math game. Games focused on specific skills, such as addition, subtraction, probability, counting, flexible thinking, and codes.

“I think most kids think math isn’t fun then they do something like this,” said Jill Kaeyer, the Glover School math tutor. “And they realize this is math, too, and it’s exciting and fun.”

Perez also said that the hope of the event was to encourage families to have a game night at home.  Each family left with a packet of games.

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