At Sandburg Elementary School, personalized learning is encouraged with maker space clubs. Students have a choice of activities that interest them, that they develop.

Fifth graders participate in clubs, which meet during “choice time”. The clubs were started last year, and have been expanded with support by “Making Spaces,” a partnership between the Madison School District, The Foundation for Madison Public Schools, and the Madison Public Library’s Bubbler program. The partnership was formed to support maker education.

Maker education is about integrating making activities into schools on a national basis.

Personalized Learning

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The library has provided support with professional development, planning, social media, and connections with the community. “This project is one of our first really big partnerships with the school district to use our expertise and pass it on,” said Rebecca Millerjohn, youth services librarian at the Sequoya branch.

According to Sandburg Principal Brett Wilfrid, choice time encourages self directed personalized learning.

“It lets us drive our own learning,” said fifth-grader Brett Wills.  He believes that learning to play guitar ranks next to playing football.

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