A school board has approved repurposing old school buses for creative uses, rather than selling them off.

In Cheatham County, three buses will retire soon from transporting students, as they have met their maximum years of service. Usually they would be sold, but the expectation of what they would net collectively is only around $5,000, according to Chief of Academics Tara Watson.

“We saw some great ideas about repurposing a bus, for like a reward system for attendance (or) having lunch on the bus with a teacher,” she said at a work session.  She suggested that the board have teachers and students submit ideas for repurposing the buses, and take part in the activity.

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Some of the creative options suggested by Director of Schools Cathy Beck included allowing students to “have lunch in it with music and wi-fi,” or design one “kind of like a rolling Starbucks.” She said she would like to open up the conversation to students. She hopes that the vehicles might service as an incentive boosting attendance.

Other school districts have repurposed buses, converting them to mobile lunch programs, or using them as a mobile classroom or art studio.

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