The Wyoming Department of Education is developing a K-20 learning management system, streamlining connections between high school and college into adult life.

The effort is intended to “streamline and align” K-12 and post secondary education.  One learning management system (LMS) will be in place for all statewide education institutions.

Education institutions would be able to share resources, and develop customized learning experiences for each student, according to Laurel Ballard, supervisor of the student and teacher resources team at the state’s education department

“We are definitely looking for cost savings, but it’s much bigger than that,” Ballard said during a recent gathering of the State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA). “We really are looking at, ‘How do we streamline and align our K-20 education?’”

10 Steps to Empowering Classroom Management

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What is K-20 education?  It is a holistic view that is growing among teachers and educators which values education as a lifelong experience. Thus, the focus on education is extended by 8 years into the student’s mid 20s, to include college, technical school, career training, and post graduate education.

“There’s so many different types of systems out there that help and support student achievement and student learning,” said Ballard. “We really want to find ways to be able to connect these systems so that it’s easy for students and educators to be able to access and use [them].”

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