In an effort to bring real life problem solving exercises to the classroom, students are creating their own escape rooms at school.

In the Castaic Union School District, students are testing their skills of investigation by unlocking clues and solving mysteries in three escape rooms created by the Associated Student Body.

The escape rooms double as a fundraiser for the district and a learning experience.  Students from the four schools in the district work together in teams solving clues and building a team.

“It was fun that I got to experience this for the first time with all my friends,” said eighth grader Audrey-Alane Hallare. “I thought it was really fun to be able to find different clues, put all the pieces together and successfully escape.”

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“I had recently experienced my first escape back in August. I believed it would be a great event and group building experience to put our students’ problem solving skills to use in a fun environment,” said the president of the Associated Student Body, Will Bennett.

Bennett created the themes prior to proposing the idea to ASB: Escape the Mummy’s Tomb, Escape Mount Weather Laboratory and The Cabin in the Woods. Then he helped to organize a field trip to a local escape room for fellow ASB members, so they could understand how it works and what is needed to build one.

“At first many of our ASB members didn’t know what an escape room was,” Bennett said. “In September, ASB took a field trip to Arcane and Cryptic escape rooms in the Santa Clarita Valley. This was a very fun and helpful field trip as it really gave ASB the idea of what an escape room is.”

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