Recently opportunities for growth and information were provided by a university and business leaders for students exploring STEM careers on Teen CEO Day.

Possible careers for teens to explore were presented in the Winthrop University coliseum, bringing nearly 5,000 middle schools students from three South Carolina counties to speak with representatives of local businesses about the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. Careers presented  included medicine, robotics, park service and other science and technology fields.

The Teen CEO Day event is presented as a collaboration between local school districts, businesses, and the nonprofit STEM Development Foundation.

“Teen CEO was established to provide an opportunity for students to learn about what a wonderful community they live in and the careers and jobs that are here, as well as the career pathway of how they might go in that direction,” said Ed Duffy, executive director of the Stem Development Foundation.

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Duffy says that middle school is a good time to get students interested in careers, as they are excited and curious.  And skilled talent is greatly needed in STEM fields.

“This is an opportunity for all these folks working together to convey to our eighth-grade students that this is a wonderful community with a lot of opportunities,” Duffy said.

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