As a gift to children in a land far away, students paint gift portraits of Syrian refugee children, and send them to the camps in Syria as a piece of personal history in a world with few happy memories.

The students were asked by La Salle High School fine art teacher Kate Williams to partner with The Memory Project, a nonprofit that encourages art teachers and students to create and give portraits to young people who face violence, poverty, neglect, loss of parents, around the world.

All the students are members of the National Art Honor Society.  They received copies of the children’s portraits, and spent two months working on their artwork.  They will pay the cost of sending the portraits to Syrian children in the largest refugee camps.  They gain global awareness and practice kindness, while helping refugee children feel valued and important.

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Williams says that the students  “have expressed repeatedly that they love giving back to the community, both local and global. It is such a joy to serve others through their passion, art.” Other projects are planned so that students may reach out to their community using their artistic gifts.

The Memory Project has reached over 7,000 children across the world in dire situations, bringing a sense of hope and self worth to children

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