Teachers are helping teachers with new writing standards, especially those who are new to teaching writing.

The state mandated curriculum for writing can be daunting for teachers who have taught other subjects previously.  One such teacher, Patricia Holguin of Noel Elementary School, was sent by her principal, Stacy Johnson to training sessions.  Now Reagan Academic Magnet instructional coack Kimberloy Poor helps her twice a week in the classroom. Poor also offers support to teachers at Zavala Elementary.

The elementary schools and Ector Middle School are in the fifth year of improvement mandated under Texas accountability standards. Writing is one of the weak areas, and the fourth grade teachers at Reagan Academic Magnet are sharing their lesson plans.  Poor helps the teachers implement the shared plans.

“This has definitely helped me. I understand now. I’ve got it because of that extra help,” Holguin said.

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According to Holguin, the assistance from Poor is welcome, as she is always open to learning new things.

“That’s why I asked her to demonstrate. … I tell my kids if … I’m not a good teacher if I’m not learning,” Holguin said. Poor has helped her with test questions that are on standardized tests, and ideas on how to teach those to her students.

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