Teaching with new technology integrated into the classroom is a focus for a school district that  has completed a one-to-one initiative.

Schools in Temple, Texas are integrating technology through blended learning, thus avoiding using technology to replace older teaching methods.  Blended learning combines traditional lectures and teacher directed activities with online learning and personalized approaches.

“Our goal in TISD is to transform and enhance instruction,” said Assistant Superintendent Bobby Ott. “And the reason why is because of … employer and college expectations — these are changing. The employers and the workplaces — they’re all changing.” Every high school student will receive a Chromebook, and younger students will also benefit from technology upgrades.

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Ott says that as technology improves, colleges and universities are changing their instructional methods, and businesses use online resources for training as well.

“Teachers actually get more time with students (with blended learning),” Ott said. “They get more interaction, more engagement, and … you have the opportunity to learn outside the classroom. You’re not confined by a physical space. And then the relationship piece — that changes because students are more engaged. They take more ownership of their learning.”

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