A middle school has found that wrist monitors help middle schoolers make fitness gains through keeping them aware of their activities and those of their classmates.

At Schoo Middle School in Lincoln, Nebraska, colorful wrist monitors on students send messages to a screen so they can see how fast their hearts are beating.

“The students just love that we have technology in the classroom,” said P.E. teacher Tanner White. “We have every single P.E. class wearing one. We get a real ear to the ground on how students are doing.”

It helps to reinforce the activity levels of students if they see for themselves the level of exertion to keep their heart rate up.

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“What it does is reward the kids that maybe aren’t that skilled, but if they’re working hard, it’s reinforcing their effort,” said Matt Avey, Lincoln Public Schools physical education curriculum specialist.

LPS bought monitors for all middle schools, using grant and district money.  The point is to encourage activity, like a Fitbit that is controlled by teachers.

Research has shown a link between academic success and fitness levels.  More students who pass the district fitness tests show proficiency on stateside tests in reading, math, and science.

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