Students in enrichment classes are building bridges and building learning processes at the same time through personalized learning.

Second and third graders in MFL MarMac Elementary school make choices during each enrichment session. What materials would you use to make a bridge, when you have a choice of string, note cards, popsicle sticks, masking tape, and newspaper?

Each student approached the project in their own way, making adaptations as needed. Teacher Emily Welper said that the goal of each enrichment session was to utilize higher level thinking skills, based on student interests.

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Enrichment classes are available for 10 to 12 students in each grade, from kindergarten through third grade. The sessions are for a half hour each week.  The purpose is to provide an opportunity for students to take on new learning challenges, and develop thinking skills that might not be possible in the regular classroom through personalized learning.

“You find where kids learn and meet them at that level,” explained MFL MarMac superintendent Dale Crozier.

Welper notes that in elementary school, those opportunities can include everything from coding to building bridges to research projects.

“They’re experiencing books they’ve never read,” she added.

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