The Crater School of Business Innovation and Science is expanding technical education with an electric vehicle.

The $36,000 electric vehicle chassis only seats two, but was designed and brought to the school to teach a new generation of graphic designers, technicians, and ecologists.

The vehicle was awarded by the Rogue Valley Clean Cities Coalition to expand opportunities for career and technical education at Crater. The coalition focuses on reducing dependence on foreign oil by developing alternative fuels.  According to Mike Quilty, Central Point city councilor and RVCCC member, the coalition decided that giving it to the school would further education and outreach goals.

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“The general public doesn’t necessarily understand the differences between propane, natural gas, renewable natural gas, hybrid battery electric vehicles. They want to get in a car and go from point A to point B ,” Quilty said.

He likes the idea that students know they are a part of building new ideas.

“So much vocational education has come out of our high schools,” he said. “We’re trying to put a little back in.”

The School of Business Innovation and Science aims to develop real world applications and technology, and is one of several schools in the Rogue Valley boosting CTE at the high school level.

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