Having fifth graders dramatize a classic story with STEAM  is a creative way to encourage them to embrace literature, creative arts, and STEM  applications.

At Oak Hill middle school, students read and dramatized Ray Bradbury’s classic story There Will Come Soft Rains.

The story, written in 1950 tells of  the only house to survive a nuclear blast in a California community in 2026. It functions independently  like a contemporary Smart House, with automated systems. Inanimate objects are given personality in the story.

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Teachers Lynette Farr and Melanie Swisher decided to add a cross curricular activity. Students coded sperical robots and built dioramas of scenes from the story.

Farr wanted to integrate technology with a non technological subject so she asked Swisher, the reading and language arts teacher for ideas and help.

“When I think of technology in a story, I automatically thought of this one,” Swisher said. “This story is actually told to us by pieces of technology, and I just thought that was really cool.”

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