Personalized learning and project-based learning is working wonders in the real world and turning students into successful entrepreneurs at Yampah Mountain High School in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

Students have opened their own business called Havoc at and are learning every aspect of running a business, making daily decisions and solving problems such as what to do when you run out of inventory during the holidays.

Yampah Mountain High and  the students who created Havoc are a testament to the success of personalized learning in action.

“Authentic learning takes place when students choose what they want to learn based on their interests and passions,” say Marva Dixon and Pat Wyman, co-authors of the book, Smarter Squared: How to Use Personalized Learning to Master School Faster and Create the Future You Want.

Personalized Learning

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Yampah Mountain High was awarded one of 10 – $10 million grants from XQ Super School Project ( which is funded in part from Steve Jobs widow, Laurene Powell Jobs, Yo Yo Ma and designer Mark Ecko) and the grant goes towards projects which reflect learning success and the future of learning.

Journalist Sallee Ann Ruib has written more about how students hone their business skills via this skateboard shop in the Post Independent and CitizenTelegram.

Pat WymanPat Wyman 

is the founder of, university instructor, best-selling author of several books and known as America’s Most Trusted Learning Expert. She is deeply committed to helping children succeed in learning and in life.

Wyman created the Personal Learning Styles Inventory and will answer your questions on faster learning, learning styles, dyslexia and reading in her private facebook group, Your Learning Questions Answered.

Parents say Pat Wyman diagnoses and solves learning problems in a way that gets to the real cause of the problem and that she offers the most effective and unique solutions that make all the difference in their child’s life. Wyman is also the recipient of the James Patterson Page Turner Award for her global work to enhance literacy.