Using an online app instead of traditional pencil and paper is how students learn math with DreamBox technology and personalized learning. Dreambox Learning is used by students on their own level as they complete personalized math problems.

On a device provided by his school, third grader Te’Sean Clark loves to learn math at his own pace.

“I love math. It’s my favorite subject,” he said. “You get harder stuff when you complete the easy stuff,” Clark said.

As students get the right or wrong answers, the exercises become personalized.

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“It’s an experience where we put students in the driver’s seat,” said DreamBox Learning’s Senior Vice President of Learning, Tim Hudson.

“We are able to know if a second-grader is adding 27 by just adding one 27 times or if a student is adding 10+10+5+2,” said Hudson.

According to kindergarten teacher Angela Johnson, having the data helps her work with her students, and adapt strategies for personalized learning.

“I can look and see exactly what area they are struggling in and, as a teacher, then I can pull some of my other resources and teach that, maybe in a different way,” she said.

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