Kids are learning about Christmas around the world as they take virtual tours to see how Christmas is celebrated in other countries.

At Arnold Memorial Elementary School, students spent an entire day learning about international Christmas traditions, at the second annual Christmas Around the World Event. Students in third, fourth, and fifth grade participated by researching countries chosen by their teachers. They prepared lessons and activities focused on those countries’ Christmas traditions, while rotating from room to room to experience all the countries featured.

“It has been quite an undertaking,” said fourth grade teacher Caleb Shelton, who introduced this tradition of learning about Christmas around the world to the school last year. “Still, it gives them so much insight into these countries’ cultures.”

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The countries chosen this year were France, Ireland, Mexico, Russia, Ethiopa, Costa Rica, Iceland and Norway. Each student had a handout with a world map and spaces for answering questions.  They had to color in the countries on the map, and write about two of their favorite traditions from each country.

Meantime, teachers decorated classrooms, created costumes, cooked food from the countries chosen, and planned games and crafts.

“All of these teachers really went above and beyond,” Principal Michael Chai said. “It is so exciting to see their creativity and to see how excited the students are to experience these international traditions.”

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