True to the excellence they value, master teachers strive to find the best ways to teach.

Whether he is rock climbing or in his environmental science and biology classroom at Hudson Falls High School, Rob Livingston is constantly striving to do it better. He’s also looking to learn everything about the subjects he teaches, and find out the best ways to teach those subjects.

When New York State opened up a Master Teacher program for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math a few years ago, Livingston was ready for a new challenge.

This year the state list of Master Teachers included Livingston and two other teachers in the Hudson Falls area, bringing the number of Master Teachers in the area to 16.

How To build Parent-Teacher Partnerships

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“The biggest advantage is that they are a resource for their colleagues,” Hudson Falls Principal Jim Bennefield said. “They can answer a lot of questions for other teachers.”

Teachers are chosen for the program who are strong in the classroom with goals for further professional development in the knowledge areas, STEM content, pedagogy, and for developing student’s families and communities. They meet 50 hours of professional development and meet on evenings and weekends to participate in activities.  They receive a stipend of $15,000 for their work and for the honor.

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