Districts that are running out of time on the calendar are reimagining snow days with learning at home.

In Raleigh County, West Virginia, snow days are sometimes called “reimagined days” since the opportunity for snow days is limited on the school calendar.  The students were sent home with a packet last week, dedicated to the remaining days of inclement weather, and on reimagined days students are to complete work in the packet specified by the teacher.  The reimagined days are declared by Superintendent David Price in the same way that he announces snow days.

Students only have to complete the packet on reimagined days, not snow days. If they do not complete their assignment, they will be marked as absent, They are learning at home.

Erica Black is one parent who likes the reimagined day initiative. She says that after a few snow days, kids return to school distracted and inclined to misbehave.

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“I think the packet helps the kids realize it’s not all fun and games just because there is a snow day,” she said. “Plus, it’s super simple work and gives you the chance to work one on one with your child and see what they are learning on a daily basis. I love the idea, and so does my kiddo.”

For teachers, a reimagined day is a work day. Teachers report to work and are available via phone and email to students.

One reason for having reimagined days is to avoid extending the school year and cutting into summer vacation.  Students will have participated in work related to their curriculum and teachers will have been on duty for work.

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