Younger students are about to get some great opportunities as a pilot program STEM on the Go hits the road.

STEM on the Go is a mobile learning lab which is part of the Columbus High School STEM Academy.  It is a pilot program which connects young students to opportunities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

“Our target audience with the mobile learning lab is to expose students from grades three through eight to quality, hands-on activities and experiences,” said Heidi Elliott, STEM career coordinator for Columbus Public Schools.

How To build Parent-Teacher Partnerships

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A three year $90,000 grant from the Hubbard Foundation of Omaha is funding the outreach effort, along with a one year matching gift of $30,000 from the Columbus Area Future Fund.

More thank a dozen elementary and middle school teachers were instructed by Elliot during their first training session.  The goal was to develop practical and engaging lesson plan for the immediate future.  Elliot is a former engineering and math and science teacher.

“The teachers are very excited to get their lesson plans in math, science and English ready to go,” Elliott said.

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