Many young novelists were honored for their writing achievements recently after each completed a draft of a novel during November as part of the National Novel Writing Month Young Writers Program.

At Cleveland Middle School in Tennessee, 125 students participated in the program, and were honored after completing a draft of at least 10,000 words. To encourage their writing skills, teachers urged them to think big by writing novels, instead of short papers.

“These are some extraordinary students,” said Angela Wright, one of the eighth-grade English teachers. “These students really went above and beyond, doing most of their writing at hope. We even had a weeklong Thanksgiving break in the middle of all this.”

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Students had time in class to write, after teachers showed them about characteristics of a good novel. Students also helped each other develop characters and storylines.

Teachers can teach the theory of good writing, but only practice will allow students to develop and improve.  Teacher Cara Kirksey said it was “refreshing” to see how excited the students were about writing.

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