Reading assignments and encouraging independent reading is how students keep learning outside school during vacation breaks.

Educators often worry about the “summer slide” when students forget what they learned over a long summer break. But it’s important to encourage ongoing independent learning during shorter winter and spring breaks as well.

“We have always told the students to continue to read and for our kids, we still have goals they are working in,” said South Vienna Principal Denise Jones.

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“It’s important to build independent reading stamina and you do that by creating a reading routine,” said Springfield Snowhill principal Jennifer Paxson. “Something like charting or graphing reading time and suggesting that a student read 20 minutes a day and you can build a better reader.”

Since reading is the foundation of education, Jones and Paxton have some suggestions for parents.

“Journaling is a great way,” Jones said. “Having the kids keep a journal will get them writing. Kids can write about what they did for the day and what they read for the day.”

They also such as fun activities which involve reading and math, such as cooking.

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