Ever feel like you need the best tips for college video applications because they feel so overwhelming? We checked with colleges and here are the tips they gave us to share with you so you can stand out.

A lot more colleges are headed in the direction of video applications and it gives them a chance to get to know you more personally. Plus this is the chance to show off your passions, personality and what you can bring to the college.

While college video applications are still optional, you may still have less competition if you use these best tips for college video applications.

Best Tips for College Video Applications

  • Prepare thoroughly in advance. These types of applications can take a very long time and can be difficult so the more time you have the better.
  • Get some editing help. While college admissions boards are not looking for truly professional videos, they do look for a conscientious video. It always helps to get feedback from your family and friends as well.
  • Learn to be pithy. Less is always more in college video applications.

best tips for college video applications

  • Follow the instructions. Sounds simple enough but pay close attention to what your college has actually asked. While you are striving to be creative, make sure that you have actually addressed the specific questions your college has asked.
  • You do not need to be a filmmaker unless that is who you are. Colleges want substance over form in these college video applications. You do not need to overproduce. Give them an authentic look at who you are.
  • Use B-roll. Add things like a voice recording over some footage of what is on the screen. Imagine what else you can shoot with your camera so the whole video is not just your face.
  • Be professional and dress the part. While humor may seem like a good option here, you want to be a diligent student first.
  • Be authentic and natural and do not read all your responses to the questions from a note card. Reading from a note card while on video appears to be bland and rehearsed. You want to be as natural as possible and not have your video be boring and uninteresting.
  • Check out other videos. Some colleges post their video applications so you can see what has been done before. This is really helpful so you can make your video more unique.
  • Finally, make sure you post your video with private settings. Today, you may feel it looks great, but you may not feel that way once you graduate and do not want potential employers looking at your video unless you give them your permission.

Relax a bit and have fun with the video process. Give it your best and be grateful you had the chance to show the admissions folks the real you!