Who ever thought that robots and teachers would work together to make every class a STEM Class?

Our team at HowtoLearn.com discovered a unique site that does just that and recommends RobotLAB, the leader in Educational Robotics. RobotLAB allows teachers to create their own lessons and customize already-available lessons on Engage!K12, the award-winning online learning platform for STEM and robotics.

On the platform, teachers can find a wide range of digital courses and hands-on activities that bring abstract concepts to life with robots – engaging students and capturing their subject mastery.

For the first time, even free account-owners on the RobotLAB Engage! K12 can customize their lessons or create new ones.

Any robot, age group, and subject are supported.

Educators get access to the wide range of classroom-management tools offered on the learning platform. For every customized or new lesson, educators can add interactive bar graphs and pie charts that capture the student learning and have full access to the dashboard overviewing the entire class’ performance. Once teachers submit their lesson, they can share it with the rest of the community as well.

Students are also getting unlimited access to use the class-links that are available for teachers to share on their dashboard.

RobotLab“This new self-creation and customization ability was high on the wish-list from educators for a long time,” said Natanel Dukan – VP, Product at RobotLAB. “Teachers love to put their heart into their lessons, After all, they know their students better than anyone else. We put a lot of effort into supporting everyone, even non-paying customers, giving them the ability to get started with Engage! K12 at no cost. The interface is easy to use and educators don’t need to worry about anything but writing their content. Engage!K12 will optimize, edit, and arrange the lesson to fit in the right format. Not only educators finally have the opportunity to create the lessons they really wish to have on the platform, they can benefit from the creations of all the entire community as well!”.

The online platform supports a variety of robots that can be used in order to teach standards-aligned lessons (Common Core, NGSS, TEKS). Also,the easy-to-use interface allows teachers to seamlessly set up their classroom, invite students, and find activities by grade, subject, and standard. Plus, they can track students’ achievements and quickly measure learning outcomes.

About RobotLAB (www.RobotLAB.com)

Founded more than a decade ago, RobotLAB is the premier educational-robotics company. The company’s innovative use of robots in the classroom was recognized by prominent organizations and won the company multiple awards such as the Best EdTech Company (SxSWEdu), the Gold in education category (Edison Awards), a Game Changer award (RoboBusiness), Best STEM tool (EdTech Digest), and many more.

Trusted by educators in more than 2,500 schools, RobotLAB is leading the educational-robotics market, ensuring schools’ investment in technology won’t be wasted.

Its flagship product, Engage! K12, is designed to engage students and help them master the skills they need in order to ensure career and college readiness while developing 21st century skills.

Engage! K12 is the first STEM and Coding platform that offers a wide range of digital courses and hands-on activities for multiple robots, multiple subjects and multiple age-groups.