As you start or change careers, have you ever felt frustrated and wondered how to learn any new skill?

Do you wish it was easy to find an industry expert mentor, personalize your learning and get all your learning questions answered at the same time?

how to learn any new skill

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Well one new company is making this a reality. New Skill Studio today announced the launch of their learning service that takes a new approach to skill learning, ideal for those who are looking to start or change careers, or need new knowledge in a growing career.

New Skill Studio already has a wide network of industry experts who can support a variety of fields.

From Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Digital Marketing and Data Science to Cooking a specialty dish and Mindfulness, there is something for every skill learner.

Unlike sitting in a classroom or through an online training course, New Skill Studio has taken an innovative learning approach in which every learner is connected with a real industry professional, each of whom personally evaluates and provides support based on the learner’s capabilities, background, and their learning goals.

All of their services are non-technical, geared towards individuals with no prior knowledge focused on helping learners who needs to gain knowledge quickly and effectively.

No one should be blocked from advancing in their career or life for simple reasons like not knowing where to start or lack of proper guidance,” stated Hari, Founder and Mentor at New Skill Studio. “We strongly believe that human guidance with a clear plan and sufficient basic knowledge in any field will make the learner successful.”

Industry Expert Guidance Show You How to Learn Any New Skill

New Skill Studio offers a variety of packages to suit the different needs of learners:

  • Explore: Suitable for learners who don’t know a field well and need to get up to speed quickly on the basics. Learners would also get a chance to ask all their unanswered questions about the field, real world examples, job opportunities, industry trends, and best resources to learn further.
  • Start: Best for learners who wants to not only get an introduction to a field but start getting into detail. Through Start, learners receive personalized learning plan, personalized jumpstart sessions, a full resource kit, and beyond.
  • Jump: This package is tailored for learners who are on the verge of entering the field and need a deep dive into the topics. Learners on this package receive the most in-depth help of all of the packages, including 6-8 one-hour sessions, a deep dive on core concepts, hands-on projects, interview support, and more.

Additional details on all package levels can be found at on the NewSkillStudio website. 

how to learn any new skillHari continued, “Though having just launched to the public, we’ve already received considerable positive feedback from our pilot programs. We are thrilled to now be able to serve even more learners and see the levels of success they will experience.”

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About New Skill Studio:

New Skill Studio is a US-based startup with the mission of helping anyone get started in a brand-new field.

Their offerings are fully human-driven to provide an ideal learning experience.

New Skill Studio enables learners to save time and money all while boosting their confidence and making their learning journey more enjoyable and successful. To learn more, visit

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