If you are looking for a teaching job internationally, Teach-Now may provide help. Collaboration between international companies will help fill teaching positions in classrooms around the world.

TEACH-NOW, the most innovative online teacher certification platform in the education field, announced today that it has formed a partnership with Search Associates, the nation’s foremost recruiting agency for international teachers. Under this partnership, Search Associates will direct candidates who are seeking teacher certification to TEACH-NOW, who, in turn, will prepare them towards getting a teaching license so they can be placed internationally.

The partnership will solidify both TEACH-NOW and Search Associates as the top players in teacher certification and global teacher placement.

Teach Now

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“In the span of seven years we have taken TEACH-NOW from start-up to global enterprise, certifying educators in over 80 countries,” said Emily Feistritzer, founder and CEO of TEACH-NOW. “Our online, standards-driven, collaborative, activity based, cohort-style learning environment ensures we produce highly dynamic educators. This partnership will ensure that our candidates will make a global impact.”

“Our mission is to partner with quality international schools and exceptional educators to enrich learning worldwide,” said Jessica Magagna, CEO of Search Associates. “We believe this innovative partnership not only advances our mission but also fills a growing need for certification, allowing us to place extremely qualified teachers in classrooms around the globe.”

TEACH-NOW and Search Associates’ burgeoning relationship advances the goal of making quality education accessible to children regardless of where they live. Both groups were founded by leaders with decades of experience in the education industry.

“To tackle the ever-growing demand for teaching certification, we sought to partner with an innovative organization to help get qualified educators in the field,” said Rajiv Bhat, Chief Operating Officer at Search Associates. “After rigorous research, we have decided that TEACH-NOW is the best organization to help us fill that demand.”

TEACH-NOW offers an online nine-month post-baccalaureate teacher preparation certificate program that leads to a state standard teaching license recognized all over the world. The TEACH-NOW Graduate School of Education also offers online 12-month Masters in Education degrees.

Since 1990, Search Associates has helped over 35,000 primary and secondary administrators, teachers, counselors, librarians, and interns find exciting positions in international schools around the world. Every year, Search Associates assists over 3,000 candidates secure positions abroad, making them the premier international recruitment organization.

TEACH-NOW is a highly successful online teacher preparation program that has rapidly expanded worldwide, adding an impressive amount of U.S. and international partners in recent years.

The platform’s unique approach to teacher preparation clears the way for college graduates, including career switchers, to be certified to teach in the United States and overseas. Its success led to the creation of the TEACH-NOW Graduate School of Education which enables candidates to earn a Master’s degree in education as well as obtain a teaching license recognized all over the world.

The cornerstone of the TEACH-NOW Graduate School of Education is called “collaborative activity-based learning,” which, simply put, has the teacher-candidates learn by doing collaborative projects together under the guidance of an instructor. Dr. Emily Feistritzer, a nationally recognized leader in teacher preparation, and a former nun, created TEACH-NOW in 2011 at age 70. In March 2013, 10 candidates in eight countries enrolled. TEACH-NOW currently has over 1,250 graduates and 900 enrollees across 80 countries.

Dr. Feistritzer was determined to revolutionize the way teachers are trained. With a highly selective admissions policy and a hands-on training philosophy, TEACH-NOW’s teacher candidates are graduating, getting certified and landing jobs—ready and able to make a difference.

For more information, visit https://teach-now.edu/.

About Search Associates:
Founded in 1990 by John F. Magagna, a lifelong educator, Search Associates has 20 offices around the world helping to place educators on every continent.

Their goal is to connect highly qualified education professionals with top international schools worldwide. Search Associates offers highly personalized attention to the candidates and schools accepted into the program.

Search Associates strives to maintain high standards, provide timely information, and exceed their candidates’ and schools’ expectations in every respect. As a family-owned and operated company, Search Associates has taken the step to partner with TEACH-NOW to help further solidify their global presence and maintain their reputation of excellence.

The future for Search Associates is bright, and their new partnership will lay the groundwork for their amazing mission to come into fruition, which is placing the best educators in the classroom to enhance global learning.

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