As you begin your personalized learning journey, you’ll discover that the term personalized learning in theory and practice and it can mean different things depending on the context.

In theory, personalized learning can be shaped to look any way you want it to. It can combine instruction with technology. Instruction can be interchangeable, and technology helps you and your teacher or professor understand your specific learning processes as well as track your progress on your learning journey.

And that’s the key! Personalized learning allows you to design a Profile and Plan based on who you are, the ways you learn best, and how you see your future.

Through these tools, you design your own learning pathway and the goals to reach them along the way. When you personalize your learning like this, YOU—not someone else—assume ownership and responsibility for personalized learning keeps your education up to date, transforming you into an engaged, equipped citizen who can help change the world for the better.

If your education does not prepare you for your future or connect with what you will do when you leave the classroom, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of dropouts, become underemployed or unemployed.

In practice, personalized learning gives you a “voice and a choice.” It gives you a voice in how you prefer to learn and a choice in how you present or show what you learn.

The advantage is clear: You are more motivated because you drive your own learning!

personalized learning in theory and practice

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As you personalize your learning, it becomes relevant and meaningful to you. You’ll organize your learning so you quickly see the connection between what you are doing and attaining your life goals.

Personalized learning doesn’t mean academic standards are sacrificed. In fact, specific learning technology and personalized learning plans align with school standards, allowing both you and your teacher to instantly track your progress toward the goals you set.

One of the best features of personalized learning is how engaged you are in the learning process and you can allow your learning to be as much fun as you’d like!

When you “own” your education, you’ll no longer ask whether school or a class is relevant and meaningful because you’ll be able to see—every day—the connection between your activities, interests and passions, and the path you’ve laid out for your future.

Learning will become a rich and engaging life experience—one that will never end! That is the beautify of personalized learning in theory and practice.

Imagine the possibilities when you take an active role in designing the future you want! Personalized learning is limitless because you are limitless.

How Do I Use Personalized Learning in Practice?

To activate personalized learning, you will want to follow the 10 Fast Track Actions in Smarter Squared.
These are summarized for you below.

As you engage in personalized learning at school, in partnership with your teacher/professor, or at home, consider the following:

• how you learn best, at what times of the day, in what environment and
whether you work best alone or in a group
• the pace you choose to learn
• learning objectives you want to master
• digital and other tools that give you immediate feedback about the
effectiveness of what you are doing
• benchmarks you might set to determine your progress and any adjustments
you need to make on the journey
• who your support teams are: your teacher, parents, community members,
internship guides, etc.
• how you will show what you know

 10 Fast Track Actions to Implement Personalized Learning

As You Use the Actions You Will:

• Discover how you learn best and how to “flip the script” on learning

personalized learning in theory and practice

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• Find out how to advocate for yourself to implement personalized
learning (see the script for this action in Fast Track Action 3)
• Discover and practice strategies to help you ‘learn how to learn’; to
make learning, reading and writing easier; and to help you raise your
grades and test scores
• Take advantage of technology resources to design learning targets,
create benchmarks to determine whether you are meeting your goals,
and check your real-time progress toward those goals.
• Enhance the soft skills you’ll need for 21st century success
• Tap the power of experiential learning based on experiences and
• Capitalize on community support systems and resources
• Discover how to jump start your career with personalized learning
• Learn how to prepare for your personalized learning future
• Expand your 21st century skills to include local, national and global

You’ll want to use these Fast Track Actions together in the order they appear because they are interconnected.

Each fast track action, woven with the others, creates the tapestry of personalized learning.

Thank you for taking a moment to read this article on personalized learning in theory and practice.

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