If you are looking for an online tool to help students improve their grades, this online tool has helped 90% of users improve a letter grade.

Today, there is more pressure than ever for college students to perform well in their classes. After all, college education is a high-dollar investment with steep tuition bills. Plus, academic performance could potentially establish a student’s career trajectory.

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With so much on the line, millions of students are turning to edutech platforms such as OneClass to collaborate with their classmates, access educational materials, get homework help, and even earn cash from uploading documents to the platform.

In fact, of the 2.2 million OneClass users, more than 90 percent have improved by at least one letter grade.


Find out how students you know could benefit from using OneClass.

  1. Access Valuable Shared Resources

A critical factor that makes OneClass so valuable is that the resources that are shared on the educational platform are not available in a textbook or by Googling.

The online platform has lecture notes and study guides that were shared by a classmate who could be sitting a few rows away from you in class. More than just general academic knowledge about a topic, OneClass’ resources are specific to classes.

This means that materials have direct insight into your professor’s explanations and your class discussions. Simply search the platform for your school, and your course.  

The shared information could be used to supplement a student’s own notes when they’re struggling with the material, or it can fill in the blanks if a student missed a class. It can even free a student up to pay better attention during class without needing to write everything down.

Access to documents is available through site currency which is earned via platform participation. Or, students can subscribe to a OneClass Unlimited Access plan which can cost as little as $9.98 per month for an annual plan.

With a full-access subscription, users can take full advantage of the platform by accessing unlimited study guides and homework help for any course.

  1. Earn Money for Something You’re Already Doing

OneClass also provides an easy side job for any college students. By simply uploading lecture notes to the platform, students earn site currency which can be used to download other shared materials on the site, or can be exchanged for cash.

Plus, students who are sharing high-quality notes have the opportunity to triple their earnings through the OneClass Elite Notetaker program.

In a Readers Digest article, a OneClass notetaker said that she earned $1,500 in under a year. She explains that the hard work that she puts into creating these shared documents has helped many of her classmates, and about one third of her lecture class of 300 students has used her materials to help prepare for exams.  

While the money earned from being a notetaker is a major plus, we’ve also found that notetakers see grade improvements themselves.

Through actively taking class notes and preparing study guides, student notetakers have said that they pay closer attention during classes and thinking proactively about how to explain concepts.

In total, 68 percent of OneClass note takers have seen a significant improvement in their grades, with some students improving by three grade points!

  1. Academic Learning Community

Whether students need help with homework, textbook explanations, or on-demand tutoring, OneClass supports its users with an interactive academic community where students can help each other learn.

On OneClass’ Homework Help platform, users can pose questions to the community for feedback. With Q&A’s, students can get clarification that’s specific to their question. Plus, the Q&As are available to all users as a searchable knowledge library.

With the OneClass Solvit app, users can search for knowledge while they’re on the go, asking and answering academic questions in a shared learning environment. Certified Experts also participate in the platform and contribute to the community.

These subject matter experts are available on-demand to answer Express Questions for when students need an answer quickly.

It’s Easy to Get Started with OneClass

Whether you want to become a notetaker or to access the 10 million pages of study documents, it starts by signing up for a user account. Sign up via Google, Facebook, or with an email address. All users can search to see what material is available, but a subscription or site currency is needed to fully unlock the documents.

Jack Tai is the CEO and Co-Founder of OneClass.com. Visit the site to find out more about how this online tool has helped 90% of users improve a letter grade.

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