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Gold medal winners from the Parent and Teacher Choice Awards Spring 2019 from have been carefully and unanimously selected by our Parent and Teacher Choice Team. Each company represents the very best in learning and family resources and have been selected based on quality, innovation, fun, learning principles and more…

The Parent and Teacher Choice™ Awards from are the most recognized and valued international awards by both parents and teachers. These awards honor educational products, services, media and toys with exceptional quality for their brain-based learning principles, creativity, innovation and fun. 

When parents, teachers and educational stores want the highest quality products and services they can turn to the Parent and Teacher Choice Award Winners and be totally confident that these products represent the very best in education, learning and family services and products. No more hunting all over the internet and wondering if what you need will truly serve your kids. has done the research for you in this guide with the Parent and Teacher Choice Award Winners!

So, here they are. Enjoy your visit to each site!

The Parent and Teacher Choice Award Winners from

 10 Powerful Things to Say to Your Kids by Paul Axtell. If you want to build a solid and loving lifelong relationship with your kids, then this book is exactly the how-to formula you need. It’s rich with the easy-to-use advice that you crave when you need answers to building better relationships with your kids. Want to relate to your kids more than getting the “fine” answer when you ask how school was, then you are definitely in the right place. Bravo Paul!


Parent and Teacher Choice Award Winners Spring 2019 from HowtoLearn.comLucky Kat World – Want to build character and good values in your kids? How about having them enjoy playing games in the process? Lucky Kat World is an online virtual playground that encourages wholesome fun, positive attitudes, strong self-esteem, good character values, critical thinking skills and good citizenship. This site is filled with over 100 games and creative activities. Children can also  build their own island communities and take a cruise ship adventure around the world where they learn about the 7 different continents and their environmental challenges.

Parent and Teacher Choice Award Winners from HowtoLearn.comLearning Ally is a complete audiobook solution proven to bridge the reading gap for struggling readers in grades 3-12 with learning differences, including dyslexia. With an extensive library of human-read audiobooks, suite of teacher resources, a mobile app with built-in classroom tools, and fun reading engagement programs throughout the year, the organization supports teachers’ efforts and provides U.S. schools and districts with equitable access to K12 curriculum, diverse literature, pop-fiction and titles to meet every interest in digital format. The result is more struggling readers can absorb educational information on grade-level.

OneClass. Ever wished you had a 24/7 tutor on call to help you with your homework? How about getting class notes from the best note-taker in the class so you could study more effectively and get higher grades? Well OneClass is your answer. Get step by step solutions from experts with any question for any homework assignment. The first question is free. Type, take a picture, or paste your question will all necessary details to ensure high-quality responses. Get an answer in less than 24 hours. Once tutors receive the question, they will help and you’ll get an email once the solution is ready.

Sunflower Road Album. Steve Courtney is a unique musician who inspires imagination and positive social behavior with a good dose of playful creativity. To date he’s performed over 6,000 concerts and has won numerous awards for his work including the Arpeggio Award for “Outstanding Work with Children” through the Arts. He is also a producer of four concert-length performance videos and an award winning Children’s TV series. This Sunflower Road Album definitely made our hearts sing!


More Parent and Teacher Choice Award Winners from

Matific Galaxy Parent and Teacher Choice Award WinnerMatific Galaxy is an online mathematics program for kids in Grades K-6. The program is available on desktop, tablets and mobile devices. What we love about Matific Galaxy is the wide variety of colorful and engaging game activities, plus the fact that they are untimed. If kids make a mistake, that screen simply shifts back and forth, and allows them to try again until the stars “explode” showing that they are correct in whichever math activity they choose. Matific’s evidence-based content has been proven to help improve students math results by 34%.

Using the Handee Band Fitness Band Kit in the classroom and at home, allows children the opportunity to become more mindful of their body and their environment, help kids move, get exercise and brain breaks, increase strength, feel more confident, improve focus and attention and have fun while exercising and developing good healthy habits! Handee Band Exercises can be used with the whole class or in small groups and as a family group exercise activity. There are 15 easy to follow exercises. A fun spinner game board is also included to use with the entire class, family fit activity or 1 on 1, with a child individually. Kids love to spin the spinner and see what character it lands on and demonstrate the exercise to the whole class. The dry erase checklist and marker makes routine exercise fun.

Parent and Teacher Choice Award Winners from Eyes on Track Book helps solve reading problems and gives kids and adults the confidence to read at A+ student levels. Use HTL30 for 30% off this remarkable book!

When some people read, they skip lines, lose their place or forget what they just read. Eyes on Track is a guidebook with fun and effective exercises to ensure that good eye tracking (thus better reading skills) are developed. Kristy Remick, O.D., C.O.V.D. is a developmental optometrist who is now a professor helping certify new optometrists. More than one member of our Parent and Teacher Award team has had their kids experience extraordinary success using Eyes on Track book and vision therapy combined! We are so grateful to Dr. Remick for creating this truly helpful book.


Multiplication EducationMultiplication Education is certainly one of the very best and most effective times table programs we have ever seen!  Apply the coupon code JOY20 for 20% off! Learn multiplication easily using multiple modalities and your child’s many ways of learning. Your child will use pictures, colors, movements and visual placement to help remember the times tables! This Multiplication Education book is perfect for elementary school students who need to learn their times tables.

We are thrilled to be able to honor each of these unique products as the Parent and Teacher Choice Award Winners from and hope you love them as much as we do!

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